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The Improvisation Playbook Tristan MacAvery

The Improvisation Playbook

Tristan MacAvery

Published February 22nd 2006
ISBN : 9781425913083
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 About the Book 

.should prove invaluable to beginners, journeymen/women and seasoned pros. -Rene Auberjonois (Boston Legal, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Have you ever watched a show like Whose Line Is It Anyway, and wondered if you could do that? Trust me: You can. Everyone improvises. Yes, even you. Or did you wake up this morning, get a cup of coffee, open up your script, and read the scene where you sit at your computer, reading this description of the book? You make it up as you go along, from what you do during your day to everything that you say to other people. It may simply be that you, like many of us, want to be able to improvise a little better. .I am amazed at the huge knowledge of improv you convey. Your readers, pros or amateurs, should find your book fascinating. -Adam West, actor The Improvisation Playbook is a self-contained how-to manual that guides you through the basics of improvisation and describes a series of classes for exploration, growth and just plain fun. Improvist and coach Tristan MacAvery shares his experience, his knowledge and his encouragement in showing how everyone-not just comedians and actors-can bring out the best in every area of life. It all comes together when you discover this simple truth: Improvisation is Telling the Truth Without a Script I wish I had this book when I was starting out! -Dean Haglund, Actor/Improviser (X Files, Lone Gunmen)